Marine Engineering Diving Services FZC signs

Marine Engineering Diving Services FZC signs their first over-seas contract with their newly acquired asset " DSV Altus Exertus "The contract with global firm Impresub Diving and Marine Contractor included the deployment of DSV Altus Exertus to the Rospo Mare Oil Field in Italy where the following scope of work was carried out :


  • 6 no. SBM Chain Recovery using vessels in-built 100 Ton winch.
  • NDT on Links and visual inspection of all the 6 chains.
  • SBM hose replacement at offshore Rospo Mare Oil Field.
  • Subsea Buoy replacement.


At the time of Mobilisation , in Ortona Italy , work class ROV (TOMHAWK) was installed on STBD side of the ship , 3 well experienced ROV Pilot and 4 Technicians were on-board for the entire project.

Connection and disconnection of the links to the winch socket underwater was done by the ROV, for the remainder of the project ROV was used for observation and assistance to the saturation divers.

As a assistance to sat divers , some air divers were also engaged to meet the deadline, when sat divers were changed for the next bell run.